​​​​​​​Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Spring Semester.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we will begin to see real signs of spring. In the interim we hope you enjoy some time off this month with the Mid-Winter Break.

We had 3 exciting meetings this fall season: 

  • Citizen Science Activities at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
  • AMNH –Tools for Preparing for the NGSS and Hands-on Activities for Analyzing Climate Change and the museum exhibit, “Dinosaurs Among Us”.
  • An in-depth roundtable discussion on current Science Supervisory issues.

 We are now preparing for our spring meetings and we are very excited about our upcoming meetings. These 2 events will be some of the best meetings we have ever planned:

  • On April 26 McGraw Hill will be presenting Dinah Zike nationally known author of Foldable Activities. This is a rare opportunity to see Dinah in NYC. You’ll certainly go back to school with great ideas for formative assessment.

  • On May 24 we will end the year with Pearson and Ken Miller co-author of the McCaw Biology text.

 We hope you will support these activities by your participation. These activities are open to Lead teachers. EARLY Registration is requested so that we can plan accordingly.

 We can’t overemphasize the importance of the work ahead to prepare for the implementation of the NYSSLS approved as an adaptation of the NGSS by the Board of Regents in December. We have attempted to provide you with on-going programs on the new standards, but now implementation is imminent with a target of July 1, 2017. This represents an important starting date for teachers to learn about the intricacies of the standards that will be fully implemented in the next 4-5 years with new Regents Exams. This break-in period was requested by teachers so that this would be a smooth and beneficial experience for both teachers and students.

 Attending our meetings is your opportunity to stay abreast of important pedagogical and supervisory issues. We hope you will set aside the time now to ensure that you will be able to attend. Once again, your membership dues will help to sustain our activities. In addition, your suggestions are always welcome.


Alan Ascher                                                     Harold Meiselman
Program Coordiantor                                        President

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